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We work in partnership with you to understand your needs at the time of referral and can then deliver INDIVIDUAL AND BESPOKE SUPPORT

Dr Joe Ryan leads on provision of individual psychological therapy. Having worked in the field of complex trauma since 1999, Dr Ryan is qualified in a range of evidence-based psychological therapies enabling him to work with patients with all kinds of mental health conditions. He offers individual therapy to work with patients suffering from low mood, anxiety, being troubled by upsetting memories, or battling with a sense that their quality of life isn’t as good as hoped.


Beyond this, Dr Ryan can treat patients suffering from complex trauma presentations, such as PTSD, and personality disorders.


Rooting his practice in decades of experience as a clinician, and as a service leader - having run psychological therapies provision in community teams across the country - Dr Ryan approaches each case individually, with a sense of curiosity, and a desire to meet the patient’s goals through tailored treatment.

You can arrange sessions with Dr Ryan online or face-to-face in Frome, Somerset.


Get in touch and we will be happy to offer a free telephone consultation to discuss your needs and explain the options.

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