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We are a partnership of consultant clinical psychologists formed to provide expert insights to people and companies needing to make complex decisions. We have decades of experience in assessing and treating individuals, working both for the NHS and privately. Through Foreground Psychology, we combine our private practice with our expertise in supporting media projects: enabling participants in documentaries and other media productions to contribute whilst maintaining good mental wellbeing.

TV Crew

We are motivated to establish and promote psychological safety and wellbeing for all - whether you are a private individual seeking answers about your condition, or therapy, or whether you are a media professional seeking support for a production.


We address each individual and project with our highly experienced and bespoke approach. Bringing together personal expertise in areas such as trauma and neurodiversity with established and varied careers in clinical psychology, we are confident in assessing and treating psychological difficulties of all forms and levels of severity.


For media projects, we can help establish safe parameters for production and provide unparalleled psychological support, based on a deep understanding of a participant’s needs.


For individual patients, we offer highly experienced and compassionate assessment and care.

Meet the Team

Working with Joe has been hugely beneficial to our contributor, and our core team. He had understood the standards of Duty of Care needed but has also taken time to advise the productions team. He’s always keen to understand what the editorial side of a project is so he can support the contributors in the best way. He is hugely collaborative and flexible to a projects needs. I’ve already signed him up for one of my other projects, and on top of that he is a very decent man to work with.

Jessie Versluys
(Freelance Executive Producer- BAFTA winner)


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